Film, Swag Bag 

COVID wasn’t good for the travel industry. Obviously. But one thing the pandemic–and the subsequent years we spent flailing around trying to define the “new normal”--taught us was this: there is no normal. You can do whatever you want, travel how you want, see what you want, visit where you want. You don’t have to pretend to hold up the leaning tower of Pisa anymore. Isn’t that freeing?

We declared 2023 the year of the NO NORMAL, and helped Expedia spread the message in their annual travel trends report with a film and some very swaggy bags. Each bag features real, not-normal things in cities around the world: Karaoke bars of Tokyo, late-night diners in NYC, edible plants in Munich, gelato in Florence and haunted locations in Edinburgh.

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Portland

The No-Normal  
Tote Bags